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The Cat and The Fox Story

The Cat and The Fox Story

A cat and fox were very good friends. They used to spent time together and used to pass their days with great fun. Fox considered himself very clever and whenever there was talk of cleverness, it would not leave any opportunity to humiliate cat. Cat sometimes felt bad but due to friendship didn’t said anything….

Preacher and his Disciple Journey Story

Preacher and his Disciple Journey Story

Once lived a preacher who used to say to people – Come and Follow Me. I will Show you the way to God. But people had thousand of things to do and would say – We respect you and One day we will come to follow you but right now it is difficult. So this…

Sage Question to Arrogant King - Deep Meaning

Sage Question to Arrogant King – Deep Meaning

Once lived a King who was very arrogant. Due to his arrogance, he did not have good relation with King ruling surrounding kingdom. Even people of his own kingdom used to criticize him. A sage who was passing through kingdom, heard about King and thought of teaching him a lesson. Sage started walking toward King’s…

Crow Challenge to Swan - Arrogance Story

Crow Challenge to Swan – Arrogance Story

A herd of swans was passing over the beach. A crow was also having fun at same place. He looked at swans with disdainful eyes and jokingly said, “You guys fly so well!! You just flap yours wings.. Can you fly as fast as me? Can you show acrobatics in air like me? No.. You…

Only Tailor Shop in Village - Jealousy and Anger

Only Tailor Shop in Village – Jealousy and Anger

Once in a village lived a tailor named Suresh who was only tailor of village, all the people of the village used to come to him to get their clothes stitched. He used to earn a lot. Suresh knew that villagers had no option but to come to him for clothes and became arrogant. If…

Two Brother's and Apple Tree Story - Always be Kind

Two Brother’s and Magical Tree Story

Once upon a time, there were two brother’s who lived at forest edge. Older brother was arrogant and was always unkind and rude to his younger brother. Where as Younger brother was kind and even if older brother disrespected him, treated him bad, took his things and food, he never did anything wrong to him….

Rich Man and Clever Peasant Story - Folktales Short Stories

Rich Man and Clever Peasant Story

Once upon a time, lived a very Rich man who was arrogant and greedy. He owned fields, farms and meadows. Hundred of workers worked for him and were dependent on him for living. Rich man was so arrogant man that he felt disgust with peasants and other people who worked for him because of their…

Arjuna vs Karna Skills – Lord Krishna Praise

While Battle of Kurushetra was at it’s peak. Arjuna and Karna were fighting each other. A flurry of arrows were being exchanged and even Gods were witnessing it. During epic battle between two warriors. Arjuna would shoot his arrow and impact of these arrows were so much that Karna’s chariot would go back by 25-30…

Guru Nanak Ji Panja Sahib Story - Guru Nanak Ji Miracle Story in English

Guru Nanak Ji – Panja Sahib Story

After traveling through many countries, Guru Nanak ji reached a Hassan Abdal fifty kilometers from Rawalpindi. Guru ji stayed near foothills. When people came to know about Guru ji, they began to come to him and talk about God. Soon, numerous people started to gather around him. There lived a Muslim priest who used to…

Spiritual Enlightenment - Archbishop and Saints Divine Awakening Story

Archbishop and Saints – Spiritual Enlightenment

Once a Archbishop became very much annoyed because of three people who had become known as saints and used to lived on small island. Archbishop got very jealous and angry that without sanction these people were started to known as saints and thousands of people were going to island to get their blessings. One day,…

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