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Children tend to find animal stories appealing, making the moral of the story more relevant. So, here are the best short stories about animals with lesson to help shape your children’s moral compass.

Lion Offer to Cat - Bitter Truth of Today's World

Lion Offer to Cat – Bitter Truth of Today’s World

Long time ago, lived a lion in a cave. All animals of forest were afraid of lion. One day, a mouse entered lion’s cave, thinking that no animal would come near lion’s cave, mouse found it to be most appropriate place to stay safe. Mouse dug a burrow in lion’s cave and started living there….

Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself Only

Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself Only

A rabbit lived near a farm and had many friends. He would always play, talk and have fun with his friends. His days were passing happily and he always thought how lucky he was to have so many friends. One day, while playing on river bank, at some distance, he saw a lion which was…

Dispute Between Monkey and Lion Story

Dispute Between Monkey and Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was dispute between lion and monkey and topic of debate was – Intelligence is Superior to Strength. According to lion, strength was superior but monkey said that intelligence was superior. Both had their own arguments and were trying to prove themselves right. Monkey said, “Intelligence is best. With intelligence you…

The Pig n Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

The Pig and Sheep Story! Comparing Situations

One day, shepherd found a fat pig in the meadow where his sheep were grazing. Shepherd silently followed that pig and caught it. As soon as shepherd caught pig, it started screaming, squealing loudly and tried to free himself from shepherd’s grip but in-spite of all the struggle, pig couldn’t escape. In end, shepherd tied…

The Cat and The Fox Story

The Cat and The Fox Story

A cat and fox were very good friends. They used to spent time together and used to pass their days with great fun. Fox considered himself very clever and whenever there was talk of cleverness, it would not leave any opportunity to humiliate cat. Cat sometimes felt bad but due to friendship didn’t said anything….

Lion Response to Pig's Provocation!

Pig’s Provocation! Way to Deal with Wicked Person

Once lived a lion in a forest who was young, strong and owner of beautiful body. There was no one in forest equal in strength to him. All animals in forest respected him. One day, weather was hot. Lion went out in search of prey, he became troubled by heat. Cool air was blowing near…

Bear Fishing at River - Greed Short Story

Bear Fishing at River – Greed Short Story

In a forest, lived a bear who was always looking for more and more to eat. One afternoon, he woke up and saw that weather was clear and bright. He thought, “What a nice weather. In such nice weather i should go fishing and have a feast.” Thinking of this, he walked toward river. After…

Frog and Rabbit Aesop Fable - Never Give Up

Frog and Rabbit Story – Never Give Up

Once some wild dogs were chasing a herd of rabbits. All rabbits were running to save their lives. Somehow, they could avoid becoming victim of wild dogs and hid behind a dry bush. Everyone was weary because of all the running and being scared of losing their life. After wild dogs left, rabbits took a…

Two Rooms - Minister Answer to King

Two Rooms – Minister Answer to King

Once King asked his minister, “Rate of birth of dog is far ahead of rate of birth of sheep still flocks of sheep are seen and dogs are seen only in some places. What could be reason for this?” Minister said, “Give me one day time. I will give you answer tomorrow.” King agreed. In…

Rabbit Lesson to Naughty Mongoose - Moral Story for Kids

Rabbit Lesson to Naughty Mongoose – Moral Story for Kids

Once in a forest by a river side lived a mongoose who was very naughty and enjoyed irritating other animals who were already hurt. Whenever any animals got hurt, mongoose would go to them and with great affection give them ointment saying that it would comfort them. Injured animals would thank him but as soon…

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