20 Interesting Facts about Coco-Cola

20 Interesting and Amazing Facts about Coco-Cola

Coca-Cola was originally Invented as a Medicine by a Pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886. The very first Coca-Cola products contained Cocaine, about 9 milligrams per Glass. It was Removed from the drink in 1903. The original Coke was also Alcoholic. Only a Handful of people know the Coca-Cola recipe. According to … Read more

18 Fascinating Facts about Rainbow

18 Fascinating and Fun Facts about Rainbow for Kids

Rainbows are formed when Light is reflected through Water droplets from Rain shower. Basically, they are many little Arches that Merge together and form a Big arch up, creating a Techni-colored sky. A Rainbow Arch is a 42-degree angle starting from the Direction opposite from the Sun. A Person standing next to you is standing … Read more

Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India

Unbelievable Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India

Here are Unbelievable Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India. The Stories, Legends and Beliefs associated with these places are all the more astounding. There are so many Unexplained things related to these Worship places that one can run short of Explanations and Ideas.   Kamakhya Temple Kamakhya temple is a famous pilgrimage situated at … Read more

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