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20 Interesting and Amazing Facts about Coco-Cola

20 Interesting Facts about Coco-Cola

Coca-Cola was originally Invented as a Medicine by a Pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886. The very first Coca-Cola products contained Cocaine, about 9 milligrams per Glass. It was Removed from the drink in 1903. The original Coke was also Alcoholic. Only a Handful of people know the Coca-Cola recipe. According to…

18 Fascinating and Fun Facts about Rainbow for Kids

18 Fascinating Facts about Rainbow

Rainbows are formed when Light is reflected through Water droplets from Rain shower. Basically, they are many little Arches that Merge together and form a Big arch up, creating a Techni-colored sky. A Rainbow Arch is a 42-degree angle starting from the Direction opposite from the Sun. A Person standing next to you is standing…

21 Juicy Amazing and Interesting Facts about Fruits

21 Juicy Amazing Facts about Fruits

The Study of Fruits is called Pomology. Dried fruits have more Calories than Fresh fruits as the Process of drying Reduces the Water content and Volume. Eating an Apple is a more Reliable method of Staying awake than Consuming a cup of Coffee as it gives you more Energy. The Natural Sugar in an apple…

Unbelievable Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India

Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India

Here are Unbelievable Facts about 10 Miraculous Temples of India. The Stories, Legends and Beliefs associated with these places are all the more astounding. There are so many Unexplained things related to these Worship places that one can run short of Explanations and Ideas.   Kamakhya Temple Kamakhya temple is a famous pilgrimage situated at…

18 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Sound

18 Interesting Facts about Sound

Sound can’t travel through a Vacuum. There is No sound in Space because there is No object for sound to travel through. The Scientific study of Sound waves is known as Acoustics. The Loud noise you create by Cracking a Whip occurs because the Tip is moving so Fast it breaks the Speed of Sound….

Amazing Facts about Yoga - Facts about Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

19 Amazing Facts about Yoga

Yoga is the Art work of Awareness on the Canvas of Body, Mind, and Soul. It combines Body postures, Breathing and Meditation. Yoga Originated in India and is one of the Oldest physical Disciplines in Existence. It was originally Practiced as a form of Healing. Maharishi Patanjali is a Saint who is known for his…

22 Interesting Facts about Hair - Amazing Facts You Didnt Know abt Hair

22 Interesting Facts about Hair

Hair can grow Just about anywhere on the Body, Except for the Palms of your hands, the Soles of your feet and On your lips and Mucous membranes. Cutting your Hair does not affect its Growth but it does Help to avoid Split ends, which can Work their way up the Hair shaft and Make…

Amazing and Fun Facts about Dogs - Facts you May not Know abt ur Dog

24 Amazing Fun Facts about Dogs

Dogs Noses are Wet to help Absorb scent chemicals. Dogs have three Eyelids. Third lid is called the ‘haw’ and it is responsible for keeping the Eye protected and Lubricated. Dogs have a Sense of Time. They know the difference Between a hour and five. Your Dog can Smell your Feelings. In fact, Dog’s sense…

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