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It is important to be kind because you can make people happy, also your kindness can help other people want to help. So, here are some stories teaching importance of doing good to others.

Why One Should Keep Doing Good

Why One Should Keep Doing Good! (Must Read)

Many time in life we see that good people have to suffer and evil people get awarded. This story May help one to understand this a little. Narad Ji always used to roam around. One day he saw that a cow was trapped in a swamp in the forest. Cow tried a lot but couldn’t…

Commander and Tea Shop Owner Story - Be Helpful

Commander and Tea Shop Owner Story – Be Helpful

It was freezing! Temperature was 0 degree!! During patrolling, a contingent of soldiers were passing through mountainous path, their commander was also with them. Way became difficult and dark. Soldiers started to feel tired and difficult to continue walking down that path. Just a little ahead, they saw a tea shop but when they reached…

Farmer and Nobleman Story - Always do Good Inspirational Short Story

Farmer and Nobleman Story – Always do Good

Once there was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while working, he heard a cry for help from near by bog. He dropped his tools and ran to bog. There he saw a boy terrified and screaming stuck in bog up to waist. He was struggling to free himself. Farmer quickly acted and saved boy…

King Order to Three Minister Story - Always Do Good Moral Story

King Order to Three Minister Story

Once a King called his three ministers and gave a bag to each of them and said, “Go to forest and fill up the bag with fruits and bring it back another day.” First minister was honest and hardworking. He thought that it was King’s order so he did his best and filled bag by…

Short Stories with Moral - Do Good and Good Reflects Back in Life Story

Life is Reflection – Short Moral Stories

Story 1: Echo in Mountain..!! Once a father and son were walking through mountain. Suddenly, kid fell and hurt himself and screamed, “Aaahhh!!” To his surprise, he heard a repeating voice somewhere in mountain, “Aaahh!!” Curious about voice, kid yelled, “Who are you?” He received answer, “Who are you?” Listening to his he again shouted,…

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