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Akbar challenges to his loyal courtier Birbal and the latter’s witty and smart ways of facing them not only bring smiles but also teach some valuable life lessons to children.

Akbar's Beloved Parrot News by Birbal

Akbar’s Beloved Parrot News by Birbal

Once Akbar went to market. There he saw a parrot, which was very pretty. Owner had taught parrot good things. Akbar got happy listening to that parrot and decided to buy that parrot. Akbar gave owner a good price and brought that parrot to his palace. Whenever Akbar asked parrot something, he would answer that…

Farmer's Well and Cunning Neighbor - Akbar Birbal Story

Farmer’s Well and Cunning Neighbor Story

One day, a farmer was looking for a water source for his farm. So, one day he went to his neighbor and asked him if he can sell his well to him. Neighbor agreed. Farmer bought well. But neighbor was a cunning man. Next day, as farmer came to draw water from his well, his…

Number of Blinds in Kingdom - Akbar Birbal Story

Number of Blinds in Kingdom – Akbar Birbal Story

Once Emperor Akbar wanted to give alms to all the blinds in the kingdom. To be sure that none of blinds were deprived of alms, he directed his men to prepare a list of blind people in his kingdom. As per Emperor’s order, a comprehensive list of blind people was made and presented before King….

Birbal and His Friend Story - Never Speak Hastily

Birbal and His Friend Story – Never Speak Hastily

One day, Birbal and his friend was coming back from somewhere. On there way, they were passing by a small stream. Bridge on that stream was very old, narrow and slippery. Birbal was able to cross that bridge but his friend couldn’t. Just before reaching the other end, friend lost his balance and fell into…

Akbar Birbal Stories in English - Innocent Punishment Wise Thinking Story

Akbar Birbal Stories – Punishment..!!

Once day, when royal courtroom was buzzing with conversations, awaiting Akbar’s arrival. Soon Akbar arrived but he was not in his usual present mood. One of his advisor asked, “What is problem your majesty? Is something bothering you?” Akbar said, “Today, someone dared to pull my mustache.. What punishment do you think this person should…

Akbar Birbal Stories - Choose Your Words Wisely Moral Stories for Adults in English

Power of Words..!!

One night, Akbar had a dream that he had lost all his teeth except one. Akbar got greatly disturbed by that strange dream. Next morning he called his astrologer and asked him about meaning of his dream. Astrologer replied, “My Lord, This dream was an indication that all his relatives would die one by one…

Moral Stories on Promise - An Important Lesson on Promise n Friendship

Friend’s Promise..!!

Once Birbal and his friend were going somewhere. In their way they had to pass a small stream, on which there was a old bridge which was so narrow that only one person could pass at a time and with time it had become too slippery. When they reached there Birbal managed to get across…

Birbal Stories - Stories of Birbal Wisdom Fun to Read Short Moral Stories

Akbar’s Order..!! Stories of Birbal Wisdom

Once Akbar got angry with Birbal and asked him to leave the palace and never come back to his palace. Birbal accepted Akbar’s command and resigned from his post as Akbar’s minister and left palace. After leaving Birbal went to a far away village and started to work there under a farmer with different identity….

Spending Money Stories - Akbar Birbal Short Moral Stories for Learning

Akbar Test – Spending Money..!!

During the reign of Akbar, Birbal’s wisdom was known to all. Many ministers in Akbar’s court were jealous of him and one of them was Akbar’s brother-in-law. He request Akbar to remove Birbal from his ministry and appoint him in his place. Birbal got to know about it. Before Akbar could decide, Birbal resigned from…

God is Everywhere Story - Akbar Birbal Stories in English fr Enlightenment

God is Everywhere..!

Once Akbar said to his wise minister Birbal, “You often say that God is everywhere…!!” So, Akbar took one of his ring out of his finger and said, “Tell me.. Is your God is in this ring??” Birbal replied, “Yes, Sure.. He certainly is.. God is everywhere.” “Can me make me see him??” questioned Akbar….

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