The Cat and The Fox Story

The Cat and The Fox Story

A cat and fox were very good friends. They used to spent time together and used to pass their days with great fun. Fox considered himself very clever and whenever there was talk of cleverness, it would not leave any opportunity to humiliate cat. Cat sometimes felt bad but due to friendship didn’t said anything. … Read more

Frog and Rabbit Story – Never Give Up

Frog and Rabbit Aesop Fable - Never Give Up

Once some wild dogs were chasing a herd of rabbits. All rabbits were running to save their lives. Somehow, they could avoid becoming victim of wild dogs and hid behind a dry bush. Everyone was weary because of all the running and being scared of losing their life. After wild dogs left, rabbits took a … Read more

Blind and Lame Man Story

Blind and Lame Man - Helping Each Other Aesop Fable Moral Story

Once in a forest, near a city, lived two beggars. There were in same profession but there were not many alms they could get and because of that they became enemies. One was blind and other was lame. They were always quarreling about territories. Because there were two of them, there was great struggle and … Read more

Farmer and Fox Story..!

Farmer and Fox Story - Aesop Fables with Moral for Kids

Once upon a time, a farmer was living in a village near jungle. Farmer had big farm land where he used to cultivate crops and he also had some chickens, goats and cows in his yard. One day, farmer noticed that his chicken were less in numbers. When he monitored, he found that a fox … Read more

Stories for Kids – Aesop Fables

Aesop Fables - Farmer and Golden Egg Story

Story 1: Ant and Grasshopper Story..! On a summer day, Ant was carrying corn to it’s nest. A grasshopper was hoping near by, chirping and singing to it’s heart content. Seeing ant, grasshopper said, “Why not come and chat with me instead of toiling in that way?” Ant replied, “I am helping to lay up … Read more

Korean Short Stories – Ungrateful Tiger..!!

Korean Short Stories in English - Ungrateful Tiger Fable with Moral Lesson

Once a village was attacked by a fearsome tiger. Attacks became so regular that villagers were scared to go out even in daytime. So, one day all village elders get together to think of solution. After discussion they decided that they would set out traps all around village. They dug deep holes and filled each … Read more

Woodcutter Honesty – Aesop Fable

Honest Woodcutter Story - Aesops Fables Classic Short Moral Stories for Kids

Once in a village lived a woodcutter. Everyday morning he would go to forest to cut trees and then in evening he would bring woods back to village in market to sell. He used to earn just enough to make a living. One day he was cutting a tree near a river. While cutting his … Read more

Tit for Tat Story – Selfish Fox.!

Tit for Tat Stories - Selfish Fox and Clever Stork Story Aesop Fable for Kids

Once a fox and stork used to live in same forest. One day fox invited stork for dinner at his home. Stork happily accepted his invite and next evening stork went to fox’s house. Fox opened door and welcomed him to his home. They sat there and spent time talking. Soon it was time for … Read more

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