Want to Reach Destination Quickly! Old Man Advice

Want to Reach Destination Quickly! Old Man Advice

A man crossed a river and saw an old man sitting there. He went to old man and asked, “How far is city from here?” Old man replied, “Not too far.” Man asked, “I have heard that city gates get closed as the sun sets. It’s almost evening now. Will i reach there?” Old man … Read more

Poor Farmer and Old Man Story – Jealous of Others!

Poor Farmer and Old Man Story - Jealousy of Others!

Long ago, loved a poor farmer in a village. He was poor and was always short of money. His neighbors and relatives were well off and he was jealous of them and because of this he didn’t get along with them. He had small farm in which he grew some vegetables to feed himself and … Read more

When Someone Abuse your Verbally – Warrior Story

When Someone Abuse your Verbally - Warrior Story

Once in a kingdom lived a great warrior. He had never lost to anyone. He was famous in his kingdom as well as in neighboring kingdom. Many young man used to come to him to learn war skills. One day, a notorious young fighter came to kingdom. This young man was determined to defeat great … Read more

Scholar and Young Man Conversation


A Scholar was being interviewed by a young professional. Interview started.. Young man – Sir, in your last lecture, you told us about CONTACT and CONNECTION. It was really confusing. Can you please explain? Scholar smiled and asked, “Are you from this city?” Young man replied, “Yes.” Scholar asked, “Who’s in your family?” Young man … Read more

Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Once the famous Greek philosopher Socrates went to a city while traveling. There he met an old gentleman. After talking for a while, they got along quite well with each other. The old gentleman urged Socrates to come to his residence. Socrates agreed and came to his house. Old gentleman had a full family, many … Read more

Trees and Lions in Forest – Old Tree Advice

Trees and Lions in Forest - Old Tree Advice

Once there was green forest on the edge of a village. In forest there were two young trees who grew next to each other and were close. Many lions lived in that forest. They would hunt other animals and eat them till they were full and would leave remains of those animals near those trees. … Read more

Vultures Living on Island – Life of Comfort

Vultures Living on Island - Life of Comfort

Once a herd of vultures reached an island which was situated in middle of sea. There were lots of fishes and sea creatures, vultures had no shortage of food and drinks there. Best part was that there were no wild animals who¬† would attack them. Vultures were very happy there as they never had lived … Read more

Listen to Elders – Two Deer Story

Listen to Elders Advice Story - Two Deer Leadership Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, lived a deer who was leader of thousand deer. He had two sons. One was slim and tall, with bright eyes and was called White. Another one was blackish in color and was named Black. After both sons were fully grown, their father called them. He said, “I am very old … Read more

Be Honest – Old Man Advice.!

Be Honest Moral Story - Never Give in to Temptations Inspirational Stories

Once an pious old man had to travel with lot of luggage by train. So, he went to ticket counter and asked for train as well as luggage ticket for his travel to another city. Seeing old man, clerk recognized him. Clerk was an old acquaintance of that old man. Clerk greeted him. While giving … Read more

Wisdom Stories – Old Swan Advice..!!

Old People Wisdom Stories - Never Ignore Advice of Elder Moral Stories

Once near a pond was a very big tree. There lived a big group of swans. In that group lived an old swan who was very wise, intelligent and far-sighted. Everyone around respected him. One day, old swan saw a small vine wrapped at the bottom of tree trunk. He called other swans and said, … Read more

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