Who is Your Greatest Devotee? Narada Question to God Vishnu

Who is Your Greatest Devotee Narada Question to God Vishnu

Sage Narada, devotee to God Vishnu. He would go around the world reciting God’s name – Narayana, Narayana. One day, When Narada met God Vishnu, he asked, “God, i have a question. Who is your greatest devotee in this world?” God pointed toward a farmer ploughing his fields and said, “He is my greatest devotee.” … Read more

Order What you can Consume – Life Lesson

Money is Your but Resource is of Society - Life Lesson

Germany is a highly industrialized country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. Once a group of men, colleagues from a company arrived at Hamburg, Germany. When they arrived they were all hungry, so they all looked for a near by restaurant. It was on walking distance. They walked … Read more

Way to Overcome Fear – Master Teaching

Way to Overcome Fear and Cowardice - Master Teaching

Once in a city, lived a martial arts teacher who was wise and famous for his teachings. There lived a man who was scared of everything and would run away from everything that scared him. It was getting difficult for him to live normally. So one day he decided to go to Master for help. … Read more

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Story

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Famous Story abt Jugding Others

One day, during his visit to London, King Jai Singh was walking around Bond Street in casual dress. There he saw Rolls Royce showroom and went inside. There he looked at cars and then inquired about price and features of cars. When Salesman looked at him and saw his casual Indian Attire, he considered him … Read more

Farmer Worry – Interesting Story

Interesting Story - Farmer Worry Helper Response n Work in Farm Story

Once a farmer owned a land along Atlantic sea coast. It was a difficult for farmer to do all the work alone. So he would constantly advertise to hire someone for help. Most people were reluctant to work on farms there because of dreaded awful storms occurring across ocean, wreaking havoc on buildings and crops. … Read more

Man’s Innocence – Zen Enlightenment Story

Stories on Innocence - Zen Teaching Monk Disciple Enlightenment Story

Once there was big monastery, where lived 500 monks. They were all practicing path of self remembering under their Master. One day a man went to monastery to become disciple. Master accepted him as disciple but because he was simple, uneducated man from village, Master gave him job of rice cleaning in kitchen. Monastery kitchen … Read more

Zen Story – Archery Skill..!!

Zen Story on Ego - Zen Master and Young Man Archery Competition Story

Once an accomplished young archer got to know about a Zen master who was famous for his prowess in archery. Young archer was proud of his skills and went to Zen master and dared him to a test of their skills. On the day of test, both came on decided place. First was young man’s … Read more

King Questions Hermit Answer

King Questions Story - Hermits Wise Answer Moral Story for Better Life

Once in a kingdom, lived a hermit in forest. Hermit was famous for his wisdom and people would come to him for help. One day, King dressed in simple clothes went to forest, to meet hermit. When King reached at hermit’s place, he saw that hermit was digging a hole in front of his hut. … Read more

Archery Skills…!!

Short Stories with Good Morals - Dont Fall for Pretender Lies Moral Story

Once there was a King who was very proud of his archery skills. One day he went out and while he was passing through his kingdom. There on reaching a village he saw some trees with painted with archery target and all arrow were struck exactly at the bull’s eye of each target on trees. … Read more

Action Speak Louder than Words..!!

Action Speaks Louder Than Words Story - Sweet Eating Habit Story With Lesson

Once there was a little boy became obsessed with eating sweets. His mother got worried because of his excessive sweet eating habit and tried many ways to stop him from eating. However nothing seemed to work. Near near village lived a wise man who was respected by everyone. So she decided to take him to … Read more

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