Sweet Shop Owner Complain!! Cheating Others

Sweet Shop Owner Complain!! Cheating OthersA sweet shop owner used to go to a farmer to buy butter. One day, he went and bought 1kg butter from farmer. That day sweet shop owner thought, “I never checked weight of butter given by farmer. I should check it today.”

So he put butter on one side of scale and 1kg weight on other side. He found that butter was weighing less than 1kg.

He got angry and went to village head and told him about farmer’s cheating. Farmer was called for questioning.

Village head asked, “You are cheating sweet shop owner by giving him butter weighing less than 1 kg..”

Farmer replied, “But.. It is 1 kg.”

Village head asked, “But sweet shop owner checked and it was weighing less than 1 kg.”

Farmer was confused, “Sir, i had no weights to measure..”

Village head asked, “Then how did you measure it? How can you say that its 1kg.”

Farmer replied, “Sir, today i bought 1kg of sweet from him. When he came to my shop, not able to find my weights, i took that packet of sweet and placed it on other side of scale to measure butter.”

Hearing this answer sweet seller was stunned and felt embarrassed that now, his own cheat was exposed.

Like this sweet seller, we also get only what we give to others in life. We should think about what we are giving to others because we all know that in life – You Reap What you Sow…

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