Swami Vivekananda Witty Reply

Swami Vivekananda Story in English - Short Life Incidents for VivekanandaStory 1: Girls Tried to Play Prank..!!

Once Swami ji was traveling by train. In same coach some girls were sitting on front seat were surprised by his attire and started making fun of his clothes and appearance.

Girls thought of having fun by playing prank on him. They saw that Swami ji was wearing a wrist watch.

Girls asked him, “Give us your wrist watch or else we would make complain to cops that you were harassing us..”

Swami ji listened to them but remained silent and acted like deaf then by making signs with hands he asked them to write on paper what ever they were saying.

Thinking that Swami ji was deaf, Girls wrote all that on paper and gave it to Swami ji.

Just when Swami ji got hold of that paper, he said to girls, “Please call cops.. I have a complain to make..!!”




Story 2: Two Englishmen on Train..!!

Another incident took place in train while Swami ji was traveling in Rajasthan. While Swami ji was resting with eyes closed as if he was meditating.

Two Englishmen were sitting beside him and seeing Swami ji saffron dress they thought that he would not be having any knowledge of English, they started abusing him in english.

Swami ji didn’t responded to any of that. After a while he asked a train official in english for a glass of water.

Englishmen were surprised to see that Swami ji knew english so they asked, “Why were you silent the whole time even when you can understand our language??”

Swami ji replied, “This is not the first time i met fools..”

Englishmen were enraged by Swami ji response but step back seeing formidable physique of Swami ji.

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