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Swami Vivekananda Short Story - Reply to American Lady Remark StoriesStory 1: An American Lady Proposal..!!

Once while in America, an American lady came to visit Swami Vivekananda ji along with other people. Lady was young and attractive. She came there with an intention to distract Swami Vivekananda ji from his path of Sanyas.

By luck just in first meet itself, she got a chance to meet Swami ji in person. When she meet Swami ji, she praised him and said, “I want to marry you..”

Swami ji was surprised and asked her, “Why you want to marry me??”

In reply lady said, “I want to marry you because i want to have a son exactly like you. I want to bear a child who look exactly like you.”

Swami ji bowed at the feet of that lady and said, “Why to think of replicas?? When original one is there to become your son. From now.. You are my Mother..”

Lady felt ashamed of her thinking and felt guilty. Later on she became one of the followers of Swami Vivekananda ji.




Story 2: An American Lady Remark..!!

Another story from Swami ji visit in America. One day Swami ji was walking on the street of Chicago in his saffron attire, two long pieces of cloths wrapped around his body like a sadhu.

For Americans that kind of attire was unfamiliar. A couple was passing along same street and on seeing Swami ji, woman whispered to her husband, “I don’t think this man is a gentleman..!!”

Swami ji over heard this remark. He walked toward that couple and said to that lady, “Madam.. In your country it is the tailor who makes a man a gentleman, but in the country from which I come, it is character which makes a man a gentleman.”

Couple was taken aback with such response and felt bad for their remark.

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