30 Swami Vivekananda Short Quotes

30 Swami Vivekananda Short Quotes to Motivate OneselfArise, Awake and do not stop until the Goal is Reached.

Strength is Life, Weakness is Death.

There is No other Teacher but your own Soul.

Conquer Yourself and the Whole Universe is Yours.

Take Risks in your Life, If you Win, you can Lead! If you Loose, you can Guide!

You are the Creator of your own Destiny.

You cannot Believe in God until you Believe in Yourself.

If you Think yourselves Strong, Strong you Will be.

In a Conflict between the Heart and the Brain, Follow your Heart.

Never think there is anything Impossible for the Soul.

The Greatest Sin is to Think that You are Weak.

Comfort is No test of Truth. Truth is often Far from being Comfortable.

The Greatest Religion is to be True to your own Nature. Have Faith in Yourselves.

Believe in Yourself and the World will be at your Feet.

Religion is the Manifestation of the Divinity already in Man.

Be a here. Always say, I have no fear. Tell this to everyone – Have no Fear.

First, Believe in the World that there is Meaning behind Everything.

Desire, Ignorance and Inequality – this is the Trinity of Bondage.

Have Faith Enough and you will be Free in a Minute.

See for the Highest, Aim at the Highest and you shall Reach the Highest.

He who Struggles is Better than he who Never Attempts.

Neither Seek nor Avoid, Take what Comes.

The Power of Concentration is the only Key to the Treasure-house of Knowledge.

The More we come out and Do good to others, the more our Hearts will be Purified.

Crave for a Thing, You will get it. Renounce the Craving, the Object will Follow you by Itself.

Have Faith in Yourselves, Great Convictions are the mothers of Great Deeds.

The Fire that Warms us can also Consume Us, it is Not the Fault of the Fire.

Truth can be stated in a Thousand Different ways, Yet each one can be True.

Meditation can turn Fools in to Sages but Unfortunately Fools never Meditate.

That Man has Reached Immortality who is Disturbed by nothing Material.

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