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This Attachment of Love to God is Indeed one that does not Bind the Soul but Effectively Breaks all its bondage.

As Different Streams having different Sources all mingle their Waters in the Sea, so different Tendencies, various though they Appear, Crooked or straight, All lead to God.

There is One thing to be Remembered: that the Assertion- I am God – cannot be made with Regard to the Sense-world.

God is to be Worshiped as the one Beloved, Dearer than Everything in this and Next life.

The More we Come out and Do Good to Others, the more our Hearts will be Purified and God will be in Them.

Be perfectly Resigned, perfectly Unconcerned then Alone can you do any True work. No Eyes can see the Real forces, we can only see the Results. Put out Self, Forget it. just let God work, it is His Business.

Come out into the Universe of Light. Everything in the Universe is Yours. Stretch out your Arms and Embrace it with Love. If you ever Felt you wanted to do That, you have Felt God.

Where can we go to Find God if we Cannot see Him in our Own Hearts and in Every Living Being.



The Powers of the Mind are like the Rays of the Sun when they are Concentrated they illumine.

The Brain and Muscles must Develop Simultaneously. Iron Nerves with an Intelligent Brain and the Whole world is at your Feet.

The Mind is but the Subtle part of the Body. You must Retain great Strength in your Mind and Words.

It is the Level-headed Man, the Calm Man, of Good Judgment and Cool Nerves of Great sympathy and Love, who does Good Work and so does Good to Himself.

All Knowledge that the World has ever Received comes from the Mind, the Infinite Library of the Universe is in your own Mind.

Your Body is a Weapon and consider it very Strong. Consider your Mind to be very Strong as only with Strong mind and body you will be able to Cross the Ocean of Life. Have strong Faith in Yourself, your Body and Mind.

The Mistake is that we want to Tie the whole world down to our own Plane of Thought and to make out Mind the Measure of the Whole Universe.

Knowledge can only be got in One way, the way of Experience, There is No other way to Know.



You are the Soul, Free and Eternal, ever Free, ever Blessed. Have Faith Enough and you will be Free in a Minute.

All Truth is Eternal. Truth is Nobody’s property. No race, no individual can lay any Exclusive Claim to it. Truth is the Nature of all Souls.

Each Soul is potentially Divine. The Goal is to Manifest this Divinity within by Controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by Work or Worship or Psychic control or Philosophy – by one or more or all of these and be Free.

Everything that is Excellent will come when this Sleeping Soul is Aroused to Self-conscious Activity.

Learning and Wisdom are superfluities, the Surface Glitter merely but it is the Heart that is the Seat of all Power.

A few Heart-whole, Sincere and Energetic men and women can do More in a year Than a mob in a Century.


#Live Life

If you want to have Life, you have to Die every moment for it. Life and Death are only different expressions of the same thing looked at from Different Standpoints. They are the Falling and the Rising of the same Wave and the Two Form one Whole.

Strength is Life, Weakness is Death, Expansion is Life, Contraction is Death, Love is Life, Hatred is Death.

To Devote your Life to the Good of all and to the Happiness of all is Religion. Whatever you do for your Own sake is not Religion.

This Life is Short, the Vanities of the world are Transient but they Alone live who live for Others, the rest are more Dead than Alive.

As soon as you know the Voice and Understand what it is, the Whole scene Changes. The Same world which was the Ghastly battlefield of Maya is now Changed into something Good and Beautiful.

The more we Grow in Love, Virtue, and Holiness, the more we see Love, Virtue, and Holiness outside.

All Love is Expansion, all Selfishness is Contraction. Love is therefore the only Law of Life.

The Calmer we are and the less Disturbed our Nerves, the more shall we Love and the Better will our Work.

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