Swami Ji Advice to Man – Way to Find Peace in Life

Swami Ji Advice to Man - Way to Find Peace in LifeOne day a man came to Swami Vivekananda and said, “Swami ji, i have specially come to this village to meet you. I have given up everything but still i cannot find peace.

My mind wanders and i am not able to concentrate on my work. I went to many gurus but didn’t get any solution for this.”

Swami Vivekananda looked at man and said, “Do you really want peace in life?”

Man replied in very sad voice, “Yes, for that i have come to you.”

Swami ji smiled and said, “Well, i have a route for you and you have to do it without any thought.”

Man agreed.

Swami ji said, “When you get outside of house, if find someone hungry,  give him food. If you see someone thirsty, give him water. If you find someone in need to clothes, give him clothes.

If you see someone sick, give him medicine. If you see someone troubled, comfort him. By doing this, you will get happiness. This will give you peace. It is easiest and simplest way to find peace in life.”

At first man found it strange to do but as promised to Swami ji, he did all this without any thought. But after doing this, day after day, he finally found peace in his life.”

True peace can be attained only by Selfless service to Mankind.

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