Supervisor and Worker Story – Amazing Life Lesson

Supervisor and Worker Story - Thank God for Good Things in Life Moral StoryOnce in a city, at construction site of a building, construction supervisor who was on 6th floor had to tell something to a worker working on ground floor.

He called him many times but because of construction noise, worker on ground couldn’t hear him.

Than to get workers attention, supervisor threw a ten rupee note from up. Because there was no wind flowing, note fell right in front of worker.

Worker saw that note, picked it up and continued with his work.

When supervisor saw this, he tried again to draw worker attention. This time he threw 500 rupee note and hoped that this time because the amount was big, worker would look up to check.

But again, when worker saw that note, he picked it up, put it in his pocket and got back to his work.

Supervisor thought for moment.

Then, to draw worker attention, he picked up a small stone and threw on worker. Stone hit worker head. This time worker looked up and at last supervisor communicated with worker.

Story is same as of our Life:

God from up wants to Communicate with us but we are too busy doing out Worldly jobs.

Then God gives us small gifts and we just keep it without even seeing where we got it from.

Again God gives us many gifts but we still remain same and just keep gift without seeing from where it came, without thanking God.

We just say that we are Lucky and then continue on with our worldly jobs.

Then we get hit by small stone, which we call Problems. When we get into problem then we look up and we Communicate with God.

So, Every time we get gift, we should thank God immediately and not to wait until we get hit by problems.

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