Sufi Saint – Overcome Disappointments!!

Sufi Saints Stories - Life Lessons abt Overcoming Disappointments StoryOnce a famous Sufi saint was invited to give a lecture at a auditorium. Time decided to start lecture in morning was 9am.. On decided day, whole auditorium was full. Everyone was eager to listen to Sufi saint.

At the time of lecture, one of organizer came on stage and said, “Saint, just woke up.. and it would take him some time to get here. So please be patient and wait a bit more..”

As time passed people got tired to waiting and started to leave. After couple of hour only half of people were left in that auditorium which was full in morning.

At mid day i.e. 12pm, Organizer again came on stage and said, “Saint, got caught up in talking with someone and will come after talk is done. You may have to wait a little longer. Please be patient…”

After listening to this, Most of people from remaining people felt disappointed with this and left auditorium. Few people still stayed behind patiently for Sufi saint.

In evening saint came on stage, apparently drunk.. Seeing this all but 4 people stormed out.

At this saint cease to act drunk and calmly said, “Thank you all for coming and waiting for me. This is the first lesson i wanted to teach…

Whoever wishes to go down a long path then one must learn first lesson.. That is.. Overcome Early Disappointments…

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