Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man – Value Your Life

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man - Value Your LifeOnce a Sufi saint was sitting on the river bank, there he saw a young man by river side who was about to jump into river.

Seeing this saint asked, “What are you doing?”

Man replied, “Don’t stop me. It’s too much! Everything is meaningless in this life. I have never got anything i wanted. I am always in trouble. Nothing goes way i want in my life. God is against me then why should i continue this life?”

Saint said, “Wait.. Stay one more day. You can die tomorrow. You said that you have nothing. So, what’s the rush. Stay one more day..”

Man replied, “If i had anything, why would i had come here to take my life?”

Saint said, “Ok, then come with me.”

Man agreed. Same day saint took him to the King and then whispered something in King’s ear.

After listening to saint, King looked at man and said, “I can offer you a million rupees…”

Man couldn’t understand. Just then saint went to man and whispered in his ears, “King is ready to buy both of your eyes for a million rupees. Will you sell them?”

Man replied in loud voice, “What do you mean? Sell my eyes!! Never. Even if he offers me ten million still i won’t sell my eyes.”

Fakir again went to King and consulted. King said, “Ok. I can give you eleven million.”

Man replied, “Why should i sell my eyes? I don’t want to.”

Then Fakir said, “Ok. then will you sell your ears? How about your nose? King is ready to purchase any part of your body and at whatever price you ask.”

Man said, “No. I don’t want to. Why should i sell anything any of my body part?”

Fakir said, “Last night you were ready to die. Your life is meaningless then what’s harm in selling your body parts..?”

Man was left speechless. He understood value of his life and decided to think of taking his life ever again.

You say you need a job paying a hundred rupees but you get one at ninety rupees and you are ready to commit suicide Or you wanted to have a big house but you got a small one and it seems life has no meaning.

Or you go bankrupt, your bank account empties and you say ”Why go on living?” Or you loved a woman and couldn’t get her, Now you want to die.

On what basis do you claim the right to touch gentle breezes and to sing sweetly, to be able to hear music, see everything. What have you done for these gifts? All this has come to you as PURE GRACE and still you are miserable. Still you are complaining, still you are sad. Certainly ego is consuming us.

In this body of flesh, bones and blood the lamp of consciousness is burning. Just assess the value of this lamp of consciousness. The more you desire, the more unhappy you are. The more you see how much you receive without desiring, the more indescribable gifts will shower on you.

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