Successful Life – Life Tied With Threads!!

Successful Life - Life Tied With Threads!!Once a son asked his father, “What is successful life?

Father didn’t answer and took his son to fly kite. Father was flying kite and son was carefully watching him.

After sometime, son said, “Father, because of this thread, this kite is not able to go up further, shall we break it? If we break the thread then this kite can go higher.”

Father broke the thread as his son said.

After that they both started watching that kite. They saw that first kite went a little higher but after that it came down fluttering and fell at an unknown place far away.

After this, father looked at his son and said, “Son, in life, when we are height, getting success, we often feel same thing, that we are tied and these ties like home, family, parents, teacher etc. are preventing us from going higher.

That’s why at that point we think that we want to be free from those ties.

But son, fact is, there are the threads that keeps us at that height. Without these threads, we will go up once but later we will have the same fate as kite without a thread.

So, if you want to remain on heights in life, never break these threads of relationship.

Success obtained from the successful balance of Success in Work and Relations just like balance of thread and kite is called a successful life.”

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