Success Result of Hard Work or Luck? (Must Read)

Success Result of Hard Work or Luck - Must ReadOne man used to go food vendor occasionally. Man and food vendor used to talk about many topics and it was interesting and fun for both of them to discuss about various things.

One day, while food vendor was preparing food, they started discussing about Hard work and Luck.

Man asked food vendor, “What do you think? A man get success because of hard work or luck?”

Listening to this, food vendor asked, “Sir, you must be having a bank locker in bank?”

Man replied, “Yes.”

Food vendor said, “Keys to that bank locker is my answer.”

Man was confused and asked, “What? What do you mean?”

Food vendor replied, “Sir, every bank locker has two keys. You get to keep one key and bank manager keeps the other key.”

Man replied, “Yes”

Food vendor asked, “Until unless you used both those keys, you can’t unlock the lock of bank locker. Right?’

Man replied, “Right.”

Food vendor smiled and said, “Similarly, in life, Key you hold represents, your hard work and Key that manager holds represents your luck.

One should never stop doing hard work, never should stop trying to use his key because you never know when God will use his Key and your door to success gets open.

If you are not working hard, not using your key But God uses his key and yet door to success remained closed/ lock remains unopened because you are not able to apply your key of hard work.”

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