15 Interesting Facts about Subconscious Mind

15 Interesting Subconscious Mind Facts n its Relation wid Conscious MindWe can only use 5% of our Brain capacity, that means our Subconscious Mind controls the remaining 95% of brain.

Subconscious mind picks up on Everything. Hearing and Processing even when you are in Sleeping state.

If you Repeat same thing again and again, it will Retained intact by your Subconscious mind.

People you are Close to, can subconsciously Receive thoughts.

Language in which Subconscious mind communicated is not verbal but merely Representations.

All the data that has being constantly collected and stored in subconscious is communicated to us in form of Images, Sensations and Dreams.

Breath is Link between Conscious and Subconscious mind. That’s why breathing is important for Mindfulness.

Subconscious mind knows No time. Using affirmations with the Word now or in Present time will Help align your Subconscious and Work for you in the Moment.

The Subconscious mind goes through this Constant barrage of Information and It’s duty is to help Filter through that. Otherwise, Conscious mind would be Extremely Overwhelmed, Unable to do it’s Job.

Listening to Relaxing music while Sleeping or Just before sleeping, Being aware of what Messaging you expose to Yourself before Sleeping or Just after you Awake because it’s all Food for your Subconscious Mind.

Power of visualization is so strong that it Programs Subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind can be Productive and works best when you are Not Alert.

When we Think we are making a Conscious Decision, In reality our Subconscious had already Decided for Us.

Conscious mind Commands and Subconscious mind Obeys. This is where the Law of Attraction comes in means If you keep Repeating that Positive mantra, then Conscious mind may not Necessarily Believe it yet but Subconscious mind will HEAR it and Work on Getting there.

The More in Tune with your Subconscious you Become, Closer you will be to Breaking through to Success.

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