Story of Spider’s Web – Listening to Others Opinions

Story of Spider's Web - Listening to Others OpinionsA spider was looking for a suitable place to make its web. He wanted his web to be in such a place where a lot of insects and files would come and get trapped in his web. In this way he wanted to spend his life eating, drinking and relaxing with pleasure.

Soon, he found a corner of room of house, suitable and started preparing to make his web there.

Just when he started weaving the net, a cat passing by started laughing loudly after seeing him. When spider saw cat laughing, he asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Cat replied, “I am laughing at your stupidity. Can’t you see how clean this place is. No flies or insects will come here. Who will fall in your web?”

After listening to cat, spider gave up the idea of making web in that corner and started looking for another place.

Then he saw a window and started weaving his net there. Spider had prepared half of net, then a bird came there and started making fun of him saying, “Have you lost your mine? Why weaving your net near this window? A strong wind will blow and your net will fly away.”

Spider understood and stopped weaving the net on the window and started looking for another place. While searching his eyes fell on an old cupboard.

The door of that cupboard was slightly open. He went there and started weaving net. Just then a cockroach came there and while explaining to him said, “It is useless to make a net at this place. This wardrobe is very old. It will be sold in few days. All your hard work will go in vain.”

Spider listened to advice of cockroach and stopped making web in cupboard and started searching for another place. But in midst of all this, whole day passed.

He was tired and was suffering from hunger and thirst and didn’t had any energy left to make a net.

Exhausted, he sat down in one place. An ant who was seeing all this, went to spider and said, “I have been seeing watching you since morning. You start weaving a web and leave it incomplete after listening to others. You were influenced by words of others and didn’t complete your net.”

Hearing the ant, spider realized his mistake and started repenting.

It often happens that we start new work and people of negative mindset come and start discouraging us. They try to break our spirits by enumerating future troubles and problems.

Many times we come to their talk and leave our work in a situation when it is on the verge of completion and later we keep on regretting when the time runs out.

It is necessary that whenever we start any new work, we should do it with full thought and then get involved in that work with confidence and determination. The work will definitely be completed.

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