Man’s Anxiety on Ship – Facing Fear

Story about Facing Fears - Man's Anxiety Solution Short Moral StoryOnce Sultan of Dubai decided to travel by Sea with some of his favorite courtiers. All joined on decided day and sailed out into open sea.

However, as ship moved away from land, one of his courtier, who had never seen been on sea before began to overcome with panic. Sitting on ship deck, he cried and shouted.

Sultan tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t listen. Many people on ship tried to calm him down but nothing could help him.

Everyone’s journey which should be fun and calm under clean blue skies, turned into a tormented one. Sultan didn’t know what to do.

Two days passed like this. That courtier refused to even eat or sleep. Everyone on ship was tormented by his behavior. Sultan thought may be it’s better to return to port

Just then one man came to him and said, “Your highness, with your permission, I will be able to calm him. Only if you allow me to use my ways without questioning.”

Without any hesitation, Sultan said, “Definitely. You have my permission. Not only that if you succeed than i will reward for solving this problem.”

Wise man went outside and said to crew man, “Throw him into the sea, right away.”

Crewman first hesitated but that man had Sultan’s permission, so they grabbed that man in hold and cast him into the ocean.

Courtier thrashed about and sank, swallowed plenty of seawater. Then returned to surface and screamed louder than ever and sank again. This happened 2-3 times and then minister ordered for him to be dragged back on board.

Man was back on ship, this time no one heard a single complaint from man and rest of journey was peaceful. Everyone had pleasurable, peaceful experience.

After completing journey, ship returned to port.

On returning, before leaving ship, Sultan went to see that wise man and asked, “How did you know that, by throwing that man into sea, he would be calmed down.?”

Man replied, “Because of my marriage experience. After my marriage, I was always terrified of losing my wife and would never stop shouting and screaming at her, like that man did on ship.

One day my wife couldn’t take it anymore and left me. Living without her was a terrible experience from me. She only returned when i promised that i would never shout at her or torment her with my fear.

In same way, that man had never tasted salt water and had never known agony of drowning man. But when he was thrown into ocean and taken back on ship, only then he understood how marvelous it is to feel planks of ship under his feet.”

Facing your Fear, will gradually Lead to Less Anxiety about it and One will be able to Handle Situation more Calmly.

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