Stork and Farmer Story about Relying on Other for Work

Stork and Farmer Story about Relying on Other for WorkA pair of stork birds lived in a field near a village. Stork laid it’s eggs there. Eggs hatched, it was around time when crops in field were ripened.

Stork got worried and wanted to leave with it’s children before farmer come to harvest fields but it’s children were too young to learn to fly.

Stork had to go in search of food for it’s children. Before leaving it said to children, “If someone comes to field in my absence, listen to what he says and remember that.”

In evening, when stork returned to nest with food, children said, “Farmer came today. He kept roaming around in field and then he said that field is ready for harvest. Today, i will ask people of village to come and help me collect crops from fields.”

Stork said, “We don’t need to worry. Field will not be harvested for now.”

After some days, when stork came back to children in evening, they were very scared and said, “Mother, father, we should leave this farm immediately. Today farmer again came and said all village people are very selfish. No one came for field harvesting. Tomorrow i will ask my brothers to come to farm, to get the field harvested.”

Stork sat comfortably near he children and said, “We don’t need to worry. Field will not be harvested for now.”

Some more days passed, stork children learned to fly a little.

One day in evening, when stork came back, children said, “Mother, farmer scares us with lies. Even today he came and said that – My brothers didn’t came for harvest. My crops will get ruined this way. I will come early tomorrow morning and harvest the fields.”

Stork immediately said, “Let’s hurry up and leave this farm right now. Field will definitely be harvested tomorrow.”

Children were surprised to see reaction and asked, “Why?”

Stork said, “Till now, farmer was dependent on the villagers and brothers. There was no hope of the field being harvested. One who leaves any work to others then there is no work done for him, but he who is ready to work himself. His work does not stop.

Now, the farmer himself is going to harvest his field tomorrow, then the field will definitely be harvested.”

Saying this, stork with it’s children flew away.

One who leaves their work to others, his work doesn’t get his work done but one who is ready to work himself, his work doesn’t stop.

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