King’s and his Four Wives..!!

Stories to Make You Think about Life - Deep Meaning Moral Stories for AdultsOnce there was a King who had 4 wives. He loved all of his wives but King used to love his 4th wife most and always used to adorned her with finest delicacies. He provided her with best things.

His 3rd wife was really beautiful and he loved to show her off to neighboring kingdom.

His 2nd wife was very kind, patient and considerate. Whenever king faced some problems with decision he used to go to her and she would help him get through that decision.

King’s 1st wife was a very loyal partner and made great contribution in maintaining his health and wealth but king was very ignorant toward her. He hardly took notice of her.

One day King fell ill and he knew that he is gonna die soon. King wondered, “I now have four wives with me, but when I die, I’ll be all alone.”

He called his 4th wife and asked, “I loved you most. Now, when i am dying will you follow me?? Keep me company??”
4th wife refused and walked away without any other word. King felt very sad.

Now King called his 3rd wife and asked same thing.
3rd wife also refused saying, “No, i can’t. Life is too good and i am gonna remarry after you die.”

King heart sank listening to those cold words said by his wife.

Now King called on his 2nd wife and asked same question and even she refused to king saying, “No, I can’t help you out this time.”

King was devastated.

Then a voice came from outside, “I will go with you. No matter where you go.”

King looked up and saw his 1st wife who was looking really dull and suffered.

King with grief said, “I should have taken care of you when i had chance..”

Truth is we all have 4 wives in our life:

* 4th wife represents our body. Whole life we make efforts in making it look good but it will leave us when we die.
* 3rd wife represents our wealth and status. When we die it will go to others.
* 2nd wife represents our relatives, family and friends. No matter how much they have been there for us, the furthest they can stay by us is up to the grave.
* 1st represents our Soul. In pursuit of body, wealth and pleasure of world we often ignore it. Soul is Only thing that will follow us.

In this world we Live for pleasures and in that we ignore our Soul and Spiritual being. With all other things What we should Focus most is on our Inner Self our Soul.
So cultivate, strengthen and cherish it now, for it is the only part of us who will follow us and be always with us.

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