What Happens After you Die..??

Stories for Divine Awakening - God and Man Conversation Spiritual StoryA conversation between God and man who had died in a car crash..

Man – What happened?? Where am i??
God – You died. It was a fatal car accident.

Man – There was a truck.. skidding.. I died??
God – Yes. But don’t feel bad.. Everyone dies.

Man – Where am i?? is this afterlife?? Are you God??
God – Yes I am..

Man – My wife my kids.. will they be alright??
God – Don’t worry.. They will be fine. Your kids will remember you in a perfect way.. Your wife will be crying outside but relieved inside. To be fair your marriage was falling apart.

Man – Oh.. So what happens now? Do i go to heaven or hell??
God – Nothing… you will be Reincarnated..

Man – So.. Hindus were right..
God – All religions are right in their own way..

Now God asked man to walk with him.. They followed through a void..

Man – Are we going somewhere special??
God – Nothing in particular.. It’s just nice to walk and talk sometimes.

Man – So what’s next?? What’s point of reincarnation?? When i reborn i will be like blank slate and everything i did in this my life won’t matter.
God – No.. No.. Your knowledge and experiences from all your past lives.. its just you don’t remember them right now.

God stopped walking and kept his hands on man shoulder’s.

God – Your soul is magnificent and beautiful. A human kind can only be fraction of what you are..
It’s like dipping a part of your finger into a vessel to see if that water is hot or cold and when you bring that out you have gained all the experiences it had..

You have been human for 50 yrs and haven’t felt rest of your immense consciousness but there is no point in doing that between each life you had.

Man – How many time have i been reincarnated??
God – Many time and in lots of different lives. This time you will be reincarnated as a peasant girl in 500 AD.

Man – So what’s point of it all?? Why reincarnation again and again when i don’t even remember anything?
God – Well, reason i made this world is for you to mature.. With each new life you grow and mature and become larger and greater intellect.

Man – Just for me?? What about others??
God – All are just different Incarnations of you.

Man – What..? I am everyone? I am every human being who lived?
God – Now you are getting it..

Man got silent..

God – Every time you victimized someone, you were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you have done was done to yourself. Every emotions experienced by any human will be experienced by you..

Man thought for a long time..

Man – Then why do you do all this??
God – So that.. Someday you can become like me.. Because you are one of my kind, you are my child.

Man – Wow.. You mean i am God??
God – No.. Not yet.. Once you’ve lived every human life throughout all time, you will have grown enough to be born.

Man – So the whole universe… it’s just..
God – It’s just an egg.. Now is time to move on to your next life..

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