Young Boy Repentance – Story about School Life

Stories about Student Life - Learning Life Lesson Hard Way Moral StoryOnce there was a young boy named Aman who used to live in countryside with his father and mother. His father used to work hard in a farm to earn money while his mother would do all household work.

Managing one year of school fees was difficult for them to begin with as they hardly managed to make ends meet but still his parents wanted him to study well in a school, so he wouldn’t have to struggle on fields as a farmer.

Aman was very mischievous and never liked to study. When he joined high school, he find it very difficult to even pass his class test. He dreaded going to school and eventually he started skipping classes.

Months passed like this. When exams came, Aman couldn’t do anything and failed his exams.

When his got his report card they were shocked to see his result. As according to them he never missed going to school. Parents go worried and went to check with school. There they got to know that Aman never really attended his classes.

Upon learning this, his parents felt frustrated and sad. Not only because Aman wasted his entire year but also becase he lied to his parents. His parents asked him for an explanation.

Aman rudely replied, “I don’t want to go to school. I don’t want to study. I am not going again to school. Do whatever you can but i am not going to school again.”

His father lost his patience and scolded him saying, “What do you want to do if not study? Do you want to walk around on the roads & beg for food?”

Aman retorted even more forcefully saying, “OK..!! If that’s what i have to do to avoid school, I will just do that.” and without hearing anymore, he left house.

Aman had some money when he left his house and after sometime reached another town. He enjoyed being outside without any restriction but within two days he spent all his money he had with him.

At night he slept on a bench in a garden. He had no shelter, no money to buy food and no work to do. Nobody had enough trust to give work to a poor school boy. Days passed by and Aman became very lean without food.

One day Aman was lying on road side, seeing lean boy on road side, people who passed by threw coins at him assuming he was a beggar. Aman was very hungry, he gathered those coins and bought a loaf of bread.

Nights were cold, Aman got sick due to hunger and cold. At that time he remembered his mother who always had kept meals ready for him, His father who always covered him with soft and warm blanket during cold nights.

He also remembered how lovingly his parents took care of him whenever he was sick and started to miss them a lot.

A boy named Mintu saw him and sympathized. He gave him blanket along with medicine and food. Gradually Aman recovered. Aman asked Mintu that if he could help him to get some work.

Mintu found him a job at grocery store where he himself used to work. Soon, both became good friends. One day, Aman asked Mintu about his parents. Mintu started crying. Surprised Aman asked him why he was crying.

Mintu told him that his parents died when he was young and was raised by a kind man with whom he now lives in a hut.

Listening to this, Aman told Mintu about how he left his parents. Mintu advised him in a friendly way, “Aman, you don’t have to lose your parents to realize how important they are…!! Aren’t you lucky to have loving parents who work hard and want to send you to school?? If i were in your place, i would never came to this shop and work..”

Aman realized his mistakes and repented a lot.

Mintu told him to go back to his parents but Aman refused as he felt guilty about what he did and didn’t knew how to face his parents again.

Mintu didn’t know how else to help him. So he took Aman to Old man’s house where he lived for advice. After meeting Old man, Aman told him everything he did and cried alot.

Old man consoled him and said, “If you repent truly for all the hurt you have given others, then pure vibrations of your repentance will definitely reach & heal others.”

From that day on wards, Aman worked hard & decided to earn money to pay back the school fees that he had wasted & then go back to live with his parents.

One day, while he was working, the shopkeeper told him that someone was waiting for him outside. He went out and saw his parents waiting eagerly for him. They had come searching for him.

He rushed to them and hugged them. He instantly apologized to his parents for all the mistakes he made and told that that he would go to school and never skip his classes again.

Parents didn’t have any complaint against Aman, instead they apologized for not being able to stop him from running away & for being tough with him.

They felt proud of Aman as he received his last paycheck that made up an amount equal to one year of his tuition fees.

Aman and his parents heartily thanked Mintu and the old wise man for their help and happily left for their town together.

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