Stone Value at Different Places – Father Son Story

Stone Value at Different Place - Father Son StoryOne day son went to his father and asked, “Father, what is the value of life?”

Father smiled and said, “If you really want to understand the value of your life, then you have to do as i say..”

Son agreed.

Father bought a stone and gave it to his son and said, “Son, take this stone to market at road side and then sit at some place. If someone asks its price, just put up your two fingers. Remember you should bring it back home.”

Son saw that stone and thought why would anyone will buy such simple stone. Still he went to market place as his father said and had been sitting there for some time, when an old woman came up to him and asked, “What is cost of this stone?”

Boy didn’t said anything, just raised his two fingers as his father said.

Seeing that, woman said, “Ok. i am ready to buy this stone for 200rs.”

Boy didn’t sell that stone as instructed by his father and came back. He happily told his father that lady was ready to buy it for 200rs.

Now, his father said, “This time you go to a museum. There too if someone asks you the price of this stone, then like before, raise two fingers.”

Boy went to museum with stone. There person saw that stone and asked, “What is it’s cost?”

Boy didn’t said anything again and just put up two fingers.

“Ok. 20 thousand. I will buy it.”, replied man.

Boy got surprised to know that stone could worth this much. He refused to sell that stone again and came back home. Told his father everything.

Now, this father said, “Now you take this stone to a precious stone shop and there too if someone ask you it’s price just raise two fingers.”

Boy went to stone stone and seeing stone shopkeeper immediately asked,”How do you have this stone. It’s so rare. I want to buy this stone. Tell me, at what price will you sell it?”

Boy raised his two fingers without saying anything.

Man happily replied, “Sure. I will buy it for 2 lakhs.”

Boy was again surprised. He again didn’t sell the stone and came back home.

After reaching home, he told his father, “Father, someone is ready to give 2 lakhs for this stone, some for 200rs only while other was ready to give 20 thousand. How is there so much difference?”

Father explained, “Son, you asked me to tell you value of your life. This is your answer.

Put your life in place of this stone and then estimate value of your life. Just like price of this stone was different at different places. Same is case with life.

The value of your life depends in where you place yourself.

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