Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation

Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation - Steve Jobs Wisdom Quotes#Business

Get closer than Ever to your Customer. So close that You tell them What they need well before They realize it Themselves.

Great things in Business are Never done by One person, They are done by a Team of People.

Quality is more important than Quantity. One home run is much better than Two doubles.

You have to be Burning with an Idea or a Problem or a Wrong that You want to Right. If you are not Passionate enough from the Start. You will never Stick it out.

About Half of what Separates Successful Entrepreneurs from the Non-successful Ones is Pure Perseverance.

If you are Willing to Work hard and Ask lots of Questions, You can Learn Business pretty Fast.

The Greatest people are Self-managing – They don’t need to be Managed. Once they know What to do, They will go Figure out How to do it.

You should never Start a company with the Goal of getting Rich. Your Goal should be making Something you Believe in and Making a company that will Last.


Sometimes when you Innovate, You make Mistakes. It is Best to admit them Quickly and get on with Improving your other Innovations.

Let’s go Invent tomorrow Instead of Worrying about what Happened yesterday.

You can Build your own Things that other people can Use and Once you Learn that, you will Never be the Same again.

Actually, Making an insanely Great product has a lot to do with the Process of Making the Product, How you learn things and Adopt new ideas and Throw out old Ideas.


The Design is not just What it Looks like and Feels like. The Design is How it Works.

Details Matter, It’s worth Waiting to get it Right.

Designing a Product is keeping five thousand things in your Brain. These Concepts and Fitting them all together in kind of Continuing to push to Fit them together in New and Different ways to get What you want.


It takes a lot of Hard work to make something Simple, to truly Understand the underlying Challenges and come up with Elegant Solutions.

The Doers are the major Thinkers. The people that really Create the Things that change this Industry are both the Thinker and Doer in one Person.

Your Time is Limited, So don’t waste it Living someone else’s Life. Don’t be Trapped by Dogma, which is Living with the Results of other people’s Thinking.

No one wants to Die. Even people who want to go to Heaven Don’t want to Die to get there.

The People that have really made the Contributions have been the Thinkers and the Doers.

Human minds settle into Fixed ways of looking at the World and that’s Always been True and It’s probably always going to be True.

The Most important thing is a Person. A Person who Incites and Feeds your Curiosity and Machines cannot do that in the Same way that People can.

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