Bamboo Plant and Flute – Krishna Story

Krishna Short Stories in English - Best Story About Complete Surrender to Krishna

Everyday Krishna would go to garden to show his love to plants.. And plants would respond with same love. One day Krishna quickly ran into through garden and went to bamboo plant. Seeing Krishna in panic bamboo plant asked, “What’s wrong Krishna?” Krishna replied, “I have something to ask you.. It’s very difficult to ask..” … Read more

Akbar Birbal 3 Questions Story

Akbar Birbal 3 Questions Story - Questions about God Learning Stories for Life

One day in kingdom court Akbar said Birbal to give him answer for three questions. After listening to question Birbal thought for while and then said said that he will answer those next day in court. When Birbal reached home he was very sad. When his son saw that he asked his father reason for … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fear of Death?

Short Stories About Fear of Death - Accepting Truth of Death Zen Teaching

Once a young man went to his master and said, “Master.. I fear death!! How can i get rid of this fear??” Master said, “Tell me.. When you borrow some coins from someone then are you afraid to give them back??” “Of course not..! I will not be afraid..”, Young man replied. Young man didn’t … Read more

Deep Meaning – Way to Make Life Better..!!

Deep Meaning Moral Stories - Saint Teaching to Student Best Short Stories

Once a man went to saint and said, “I desire to make my life better and beautiful. Please tell me Way by which I can make my Life better.” Saint had things kept beside him. He picked up some cotton, one candle and one needle from those things and gave it to man. After giving … Read more

Best Spiritual Enlightenment Stories..!! (Must Read)

Spiritual Enlightenment Short Stories - Objective World Zen Moral Stories

Story 1: I want to Find GOD..!! Once a Master living in solitude was meditating by river side. One Young man came to know about that and thought of going to meet him. So, One day young man came to him and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple because I want to find … Read more

Religious Man Stuck in Flood..!

Accepting Help Short Stories - Trusting God Moral Stories Deep Meaning

Once a small town was devastated by disastrous flood and it torn downed the whole village and many people died. People who climbed roof of their houses and survived were waiting for help to come. Some locals who had small boats started to help people to move to dry areas. There was one religious man … Read more

Reason for Human Suffering..! Different Cups Story

Short Stories Human Suffering - Reason for Stress in Life Best Moral Story

Once a group of friends who were now highly established in their work decided to meet one of their professor from university. So, one day they all went together to visit their old university professor. When they meet professor all started to share about their life and work but soon all this turned into complaints … Read more

Beggar’s Magical Begging Bowl..!!

Human Mind And Desire Stories - Finding Inner Self English Story

Once there was a powerful emperor. One day he was going out of his palace. On his way he met a beggar. He asked beggar, “What do you want?” Beggar laughed and said, “What? You are asking me as if you can fulfill my desires..” Listening to beggar reply king felt offended and said, “Of … Read more

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