Trust in God Stories..

Trust in God Stories - Best Moral Stories About God in EnglishStory 1. Trust in God!!

An emperor asked to Monk, “I would like to see your God. How can i see it?”

Monk replied, “It’s impossible! You cannot see God.”

Listening to this reply emperor questioned, “Impossible? If i can not see God, Hoe can i entrust my life to God?”

“Ok, Can you show me the pocket in which you have placed love for your wife and then let me weigh that love in order to see how large it is.!” said Monk.

Emperor find this question strange so said, “Don’t be silly, How can love be kept in pocket. No one can measure love or can keep it in pocket.”

Monk answer to emperor was, “You can not see love yet you are capable of falling in love with your wife and entrust your life to her. Still is it not clear that there are certain things which we can not see but still trust..!!”

Story 2. Where God doesn’t live?

One of the great monk once was studying the traditions of his people, one of his friends said to him jokingly, “I will give you a florin(gold coin) if you tell me where does God lives?”

Monk replied, “I will give you two florin(gold coins) if you tell me where he doesn’t live..”

Story 3. If i were God!!

It is said that once great Rabbi Bal Shen was standing on top of a hill with group of students when he saw bandits attacking city below and massacring people.

Seeing so many people dying and begging of mercy, He cried out, “Oh if only i were God..!!”

Students got shocked and one of student turned to him and said, “Master, how can you utter such thing?? Do you means if you were God you would have act differently?? Do you means that you think God does the wrong?”

Rabbi looked into student eye’s and said, “God is always right.. But if i were God i would have been able to understand why all this i happening..”

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