Stuck in Life? Spider Story

Spider Story in English - Stuck in Life Learning Stories with Best MoralOnce upon a time, there was a spider who used to live in basements of museum. Spider’s web was spin alongside paintings that were in basement for years.

Spider’s web was artistic and had made most beautiful web in whole museum. It was really spectacular and spider took all effort into looking after his web. For him it was most valuable thing in world.

However, one day museum started reorganizing it’s paintings and started to pick paintings from basements to put on display. Many other spiders realized what happening and left their webs and moved to other place.

But this spider didn’t bother and thought, “It will just a few paintings..”

With time more and more paintings were removed from basement but yet spider carried on reinforcing his web.

He thought, “Where am i going to find a better place than this??”

One morning museum employees took painting alongside which his web was built. Spider didn’t want to leave his web but he realized that if he didn’t leave his web right now then he would end up in exhibition room.

In an act of strength and decisiveness, he chose to abandon his magnificent web, the web he had worked his whole life to build up.

It was good decision as if he hadn’t left then he would have been killed because of insect killer that were being sprayed on paintings.

In his escape, after overcoming many difficulties, the spider ended up in a secluded little garden, where he found such a quiet corner that there he was able to spin an even better web and became a much happier spider.

Sometimes in life, there come a time where we have to take a difficult decision and abundant place which we put our whole handwork and life to built but yet have to leave but leaving doesn’t mean losing.

If we gather up strength and face difficulties then we end up at better place, because we never know what future has in store for us.

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  1. Sir, Your stories are really good and I want to make good use of them.
    I am Center Head in Pharma Skills development and also Faculty . So I would like these stores to be played every day at start , in morning. Can you share me voice version if you have or how can I download them so that I can give my voice.

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