Speaking Bad/ Learn to Be Happy – Short Stories

Hurting Other with Bitter Words - Short StoriesStory 1: Hurting Other with Bitter Words??

Once in a village lived a Seth (rich man) who used to speak abusive words in anger and his words used to hurt others a lot.

In village lived a Saint. People around who used to be around Seth all the time, were fed up of his this behavior and decided to go to Saint.

Next day, Saint called Seth to his place.

Saint made him sit beside him and gave him something to drink in a glass. As soon as Seth took the first sip in his mouth, he spit it out and said, “Maharaj, this is very bitter.”

Saint smiled and said, “Well, does your tongue know what is bitter?”

Seth replied, “Of course, it is known. As soon as something bitter touches tongue, it knows.”

“Ok. If is were so, then why would people speak bitter things from their tongue?”, asked Saint.

Listening to this, Seth remained silent.

Then Saint said, “Remember, person who speaks bitter words, before hurting anyone with those words, he dirty his tongue with those bitter words, like this bitter drink did to your tongue.”

Hearing this, Seth understood meaning of Saint’s words. He bowed down in front of Saint and said, “Maharaj, i understand my mistake. From now on, i will never say bitter words that would hurt anyone.”



Waiting for River to Dry!! Short StoriesStory 2: Waiting for River to Dry!!

A Saint was sitting on the bank of the river. When a person passed by, he asked, “Baba, what are you doing?”

The Saint replied, “Waiting for the whole river to dry up so that I can cross it.”

The person said, “What are you talking about Baba? You will never be able to cross the river by waiting for the water to dry completely.”

Hearing this, the Saint said, “This is what I want to explain to the people that you people who always keep saying that once all the responsibilities of life are over, I will be happy, have fun, travel around, meet everyone.

Just like, the water of the river will never end and we have to make a way to cross the river itself.

One day our life will end but these responsibilities will never end. Therefore, we have to do whatever makes us happy while completing our responsibilities.”


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