Soil Smell Like Rose! Monk Lesson for Disciples

Soil Smell Like Rose! Monk Lesson for DisciplesA monk was going for a walk with his disciples. On way, he was explaining them about importance of keeping good company to his disciples.

Monk saw that disciples were not able to understand it.

On way, monk saw a rose plant full of flowers. Seeing it, he asked a disciple to immediately pick a lump of earth (soil) from under that plant.

When disciple bought that lump of soil, monk said, “Smell it.”

Disciple smelled it and said, “Fragrance of rose is coming from it.”

Then monk said, “Do you know why this soil smell like rose?”

Disciple asked, “Why?”

Monk replied, “It is because rose flowers kept falling on this soil and hence smell of rose started coming from soil too. This is effect of company.

Just as due to company of rose petals, smell of rose has started coming from this soil. Similarly, a person acquires similar qualities and defects according to company he keeps.

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