Soil from Heaven – Monk and Kid Deep Meaning Story

Soil of Heaven - Monk and Kid Deep Meaning StoryA man was suffering from a lot of pain at time of his death. Seeing him, many people gathered there.

Just then a monk came there, people standing there asked monk to give a solution so that that dying man could be free from pain.

Monk said, “If soil from heaven is brought and applied on his forehead then he can be free from pain.”

Hearing this everyone became silent. Everyone started thinking from where and how one can bring soil of heaven?

At that place a small kid was also present, as soon as he heard monk, he went away and came back with some soil in his hand.

Kid gave that soil to monk and said, “Here is soil from heaven.”

Monk took that soil and applied it on dying man’s head and within few minutes, that dying man became completely free from pain.

Everyone present there was surprised to see this miracle. They started thinking that from where did that kid brought soil of heaven. It is impossible to find heaven on earth.

Monk asked child, “Son, where did you get this soil from? Where on earth is this heaven from where you bought this soil in few moments?”

Kid replied, “Maharaj, one day in our school teacher told us that Greatest Heaven is at the feet of our Parents. There is no other heaven. Therefore, i brought this soil place where my parents had kept their feet.”

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