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Socrates Wisdom Quote - Quotes abt Different Aspects of Life InspirationalSocrates. A Greek philosopher. An Enigmatic genius. He gave a whole new Norm to the Western philosophy. The Standard set by him, his Critical Reasoning, his view on life and surrounding made him an Admirable Inspiration to many. Socrates believed that Philosophy had the Potential to cause Greater well-being in Society.


Our Prayers should be for Blessings in general, for God knows Best what is Good for us.

By all means Marry. If you get a Good wife you will become Happy and if you get a Bad one you will become a Philosopher.

Get not your Friends by bare Compliments but by giving them Sensible Tokens of your Love.

There is no Possession more valuable than a Good and Faithful Friend.

One should Never do Wrong in Return, nor Mistreat any man, no matter how one has been Mistreated by him.

The years Wrinkle our Skin but Lack of Enthusiasm Wrinkles our Soul.

The highest Realms of thought are Impossible to Reach without first Attaining an understanding of Compassion.

The Easiest and Noblest way is not to be Crushing Others but to be Improving Yourselves.

Only the Extremely Ignorant or the Extremely Intelligent can Resist Change.

Mankind is made of Two kinds of people: Wise people who know they’re fools and Fools who think they are wise.

Sometimes you put Walls up Not to keep People out but to see who Cares Enough to Break them down.

Employ your Time in Improving yourself by other men’s Writings so that you shall come Easily by what others have Labored Hard for.

No man has the right to be an Amateur in the matter of Physical training. It is a Shame for a man to Grow old without seeing the Beauty and Strength of which his Body is capable.

All men’s Souls are Immortal but the Souls of the Righteous are Immortal and Divine.

Virtue does not come from Wealth but. . . Wealth and Every other good thing which Men have. . . Comes from Virtue.

He who is Unable to live in Society or who has No need because he is Sufficient for Himself, must be either a Beast or a God.

Everyone wants to tell you What to do and What’s good for you. They don’t want you to Find your own Answers, they want you to Believe theirs.

True Perfection is a Bold quest to Seek. Only the Willing and True of Heart will seek the Betterment of many.

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