Holy Man and Snake Hissing..!

Snake and The Holy man Story - Teaching Life Lesson Short Moral StoriesOnce in small village lived a snake who used to attack and kill village animals. Villagers wanted to respect all creatures but they hate that snake because snake was not just attacking animals but now it used to attack villagers children also.

All villagers wanted to kill snake. So one day all villagers gathered on the field and started shouting and drumming and with stones and sticks started to search for that snake.

A holy man who used to live on out skirts of that village heard all the sound and came to village and asked, “What is this all about??”

Villagers told him about snake and his acts. After listening to all, holy man replied, “If this snake does not attack your children or hunt your animals then will you think about sparing its life??”

Some villagers wanted revenge but some just wanted to get rid of snake so agreed.

Holy man entered the field and with his powers commanded snake to come and it came crawling to the feet of holy man.

Snake hissed and asked holy man about him calling out. Holy man replied, “There is enough food in jungle and you need not to attack animals or children of village for this.”

There was kindness in holy man’s voice and Snake didn’t hissed and just nodded in front of holy man and promised that it will not ever again attack villagers.

Soon villagers discovered that snake would no longer harm anyone and there were some villagers who wanted to take revenge from that snake for whatever he did in the past. So villagers started attacking that snake and it would have to hid itself.

One day snake heard holy man walking by and with it’s weak body it crawled to holy man.

Seeing its condition holy man asked, “What happened to you??”

Snake replied, “After i promised not to bite anyone. Soon villagers started to attack me and i had to hid myself under the rock to keep myself safe from their attacks. Why is this happening to me??”

Holy man stood silently and then in low voice replied, “You are such a fool! You don’t know how to protect yourself. I asked you not to bite but I didn’t forbid you to hiss. Why didn’t you scare them by hissing?”

Snake understood his mistake and slithered away hissing.

A Man living in Society should make a Show of Tamas to Protect himself from Evil-minded people But he should not harm anybody in Anticipation of Harm likely to be done him.

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