Slave of Slave – Alexander and Indian Saint Story

Slave of Slave - Alexander and Indian Saint StoryAfter Alexander established his empire in Greece, Egypt and North India, his army was tired after years of fighting and wanted to return home. So, Alexander decided to return from India.

But before leaving he wanted to take with him a knowledgeable person from India. He came to know about a Saint who lived near by.

Alexander reached there with his army and saw that Saint was sitting under a tree, meditating. Alexander started waiting for Saint to finish his meditation. After sometime, Saint opened his eyes.

Alexander came in front of him and said, “I want to take you to my country. Get ready to come with me.”

Saint replied, “I am fine here. I don’t want to go anywhere. Everything is available here. You can go.”

Alexander didn’t like refusal and said, “Don’t you know me? I am Alexander the Great. I am not used to hearing “NO”. You have to come with me.”

Saint replied without any fear, “This is my life and only i will decide where i want to go and where not.”

Hearing this, Alexander became angry and immediately took out his sword and pointed it at Saint’s neck and said, “Now, what do you say? Will you come with me or would you like to die here right now?”

Saint was still calm and said, “You can kill me if you want but from now on don’t use word “Great” in your name because there is nothing great about you. You are slave of My Slave.”

Alexander became more angry and said, “I have conquered the world and you are saying that i am slave of your slave.. What do you mean?”

Saint replied, “Anger is my slave. I don’t he angry unless i want to.. But you are a slave of your anger. You may have defeated many warriors but you couldn’t win your anger, it attacks you, controls you whenever it want.

Therefore, you are my slave’s slave.. Aren’t you?”

Alexander was stunned to hear Saint’s words and bowed before him and returned from there.

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