Sincere Prayer – Disciple Question to Saint Ramdas

Sincere Prayer - Disciple Question to Saint RamdasWhen Saint Ramdas prayed, his lips never moved. One of his disciple noticed it and got curious.

So, one day his disciple went to him and asked, “When we pray, lips move. Your lips don’t move. You stand like a stone idol.

Usually, if you say something internally, even then there is a slight vibration on the lips. A feeling of speaking comes on face but when i see you praying, i can’t see that.”

Saint Ramdas said, “I once passed through the capital and saw an emperor standing at the entrance of the palace and a beggar standing in front of him.

Beggar just stood there, wearing rags. His body was dilapidated as if food was not available for many days, body dried up and looked like a thorn. Only his eyes were shining like lamps. It looked like as if he would fell any minute now.

King asked him – What do you want?

Beggar replied – If my demand is not known by standing at your door, then there is no need to say. What’s more there is to say, I am standing at the door in front of you, look at me, my existence is my prayer.”

Saint Ramdas continued, “From that day on wards, i stopped praying. I just stand at the door of God and he will see. What shall i say!

If my position cannot say anything, what can my words say? If he can’t understand my position then how can will he understand my words?”

Therefore, feeling and strong faith are the symptoms of remembrance of God, nothing remains to be asked here. Your being in prayer is enough.

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