Anger Story – Faithful Dog

Short Story on Faithful Dog - Heart Touching Stories abt Dogs FaithfulnessJimmy lived in city with his family but he loved nature so for his son’s birthday he decided to go to forest for celebration with family and friends and enjoy some time with mother nature.

Jimmy booked a cottage which was near forest. There was arrangements for guests to enjoy nature and enjoy view of animals roaming in nearby place.

On first day of their trip while entering cottage they saw a small dog. When Jimmy 2 years old son saw that dog he offered it a biscuit with his small hands. Dog was happy to see little kid and get treat from him. Soon kid and that dog became friends and from that moment dog wouldn’t leave side of little kid even for a minute.

On third day of their trip, they grandly celebrated Little Kid’s birthday and everyone enjoyed it.

Next day everyone wanted to enjoy more time in forests so all adults decided to go for hunting in forest and baby was left in the care of his baby sitter in the cottage.

After few hours Jimmy and his wife were first to get back to cottage. When they entered cottage they saw that main gate was open and in hall no one was there. So they called for baby and his baby sitter but they got no reply.

They got worried and started to search for them in cottage while searching they saw that little dog and it’s mouth all covered in blood stains.

Seeing this Jimmy’s wife got scared and started shouting. In meantime everyone also returned to cottage and heard her scream and run toward there and saw that dog with blood stains all over its mouth.

They all started beating that dog. Just then baby sitter came back to room with little kid. Seeing kid safe and sound everyone relaxed and stopped beating that dog. But they were confused as there were blood stains in his mouth and all thought that dog harmed little kid and it was his blood all over its mouth.

They inquired about it. Baby sitter told them that a wolf was roaming around the house when all left. It came inside to attack Kid but luckily little dog was there with kid and fought that wolf to save kid. Dog fought hard and at last was able to kill that wolf.

She told that in mean time she took baby inside for safety and didn’t came out. Everyone felt guilt for beating that dog who saved little kid by risking its own life.

Dog was still lying there all hurt crying with pain. Jimmy felt bad for reacting without even knowing whole truth. He took that dog and gave him first aid and from that day he joined them as their family member.

Actions taken in Anger can be Regretting. Sometimes we get chance to make it right but not always and it can haunt us for rest of our lives.

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