Keeping Faith in GOD..!!

Short Stories on Faith in God - Best Moral Stories for Life in Difficult TimeDeep inside forest, A pregnant deer was about to give birth. She looked here and there and found a remote grass field near a river. She thought of it as a safe place and just the time she was about to go that way her labor pain begin..

Same moment, dark clouds gathered above and lightning occurred which started the forest fire. Deer looked to its left and saw a hunter approaching her with a bow pointed at her and just after that when she looked toward right side, she spots a hungry lion which was also approaching her..

Now looking at circumstances. What can pregnant deer do?? She is in labor pain!!

If we think of questions.. lets think what will happen??
Will Deer survive?? Will it be able to give birth to fawn?? Will fawn survive?
Will everything be burnt by forest fire?? Will she die of hunter’s arrow?? Will she be ate by Lion approaching her??

Pregnant deer was boxed in by nature and is predators.. What should she do???

Just than deer just focused on giving birth to a new life.. A Healthy fawn was born.. Both mother and child were safe.. But how??

This is how sequence of event happened..
* Lightning strikes and blind the Hunter. Hunter arrow was released at same moment and it zip past the deer and strikes the hungry lion.
* Just same time it started to rain heavily and forest fire was stopped by the rain.

We can see that deer priority in that moment was to give birth to its baby. Rest was not in her hand and even if she would have changed her focus and gave any action or reaction getting scared to circumstances could have likely to result in death.

In our Life there are time when we are confronted on all sides with Negative thoughts and Possibilities but still In midst of any Storm, we should Focus on doing what’s most important to do at that time and Should always keep our Faith in GOD.

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  1. Good stories indeed,they are uplifting and helps one to keep their focus and see how interesting life is.

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