Reason for Human Suffering..! Different Cups Story

Short Stories Human Suffering - Reason for Stress in Life Best Moral StoryOnce a group of friends who were now highly established in their work decided to meet one of their professor from university. So, one day they all went together to visit their old university professor.

When they meet professor all started to share about their life and work but soon all this turned into complaints and stress in life and work.

After a while professor went in to kitchen to bring coffee for guests. He returned with a large pot of coffee and a variety of cups ( cups made of different materials ) – Plastic, Glass, Crystal, Expensive, Porcelain etc.

After he placed coffee pot and cups on table he tell his students to help themselves to the coffee.

After all students have cup of coffee in their hands.

Professor said, “If you all noticed, you can see that all the expensive looking cups are taken away leaving the plain or cheap one’s on table. It’s normal for all of you to want best for yourselves but what you are not able to see is that is the source of all your problems and stress. ”

He continued, “You all know that cup itself adds no quality to the taste of coffee. What all wanted was just coffee to drink not the cup but still consciously you all went for the best cups and then you began to eyeing each other cups.”

Life is like Coffee and all the things like Job, money, Position in society are like cups. Job, Money is not something which define our Life or Change the quality of Life we Live but still we concentrate only on that and Fail to Enjoy Life given to us by God.

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