Criticism Story – Teacher’s Lesson..!!

Short Stories Criticism - How to Deal with Criticism Short Moral StoryIn a class, when all students were present, math teacher wrote on board:

9 x 1 = 9
9 × 2 = 18
9 × 3 = 27
9 × 4 = 36
9 × 5 = 45
9 × 6 = 54
9 × 7 = 63
9 × 8 = 72
9 × 9 = 81
9 × 10 = 89

After writing this, she faced toward children. She saw that students were laughing at her. She asked them reason for laughing.

Firstly, students hesitated but then one of them stood up and said, “Teacher, You wrote last line of table wrong..”

“It’s not 9 x 10 = 89, it’s 9 x 10 = 90”, saying this student giggled.

Listening to this teacher smiled and said, “I have written last line incorrectly for a purpose and because i want to teach you all something very important.”

Teacher continued, “You can see that i have written right 9 times but no one appreciated it.. Everyone of you noticed mistake i did and laughed at me because of it.. World is like this..

So here is my advice for all of you:

Most People in world are like this, they will not appreciate thousands of Good Deed done by you but will definitely criticize even a single mistake done by you..

No one is Perfect and we all make Mistakes. So even if People Criticize you, Don’t let it put you down.

Always do Good and Help Others even if no one notice it Because even a Small Good Deed done by you will be Big help for person in need.

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