Stories about Life Struggles.!

Short Stories about Life Struggles - Holy Man Advice Motivational StoriesStory 1: Old Man Question to Holy Man..!!

One day, an old man who’s son recently died in accident got to know about a holy man who was came to their village. Old man was very disturbed and sadden by demise of his son.

He went to a holy man and said, “Can you help me?? Can you tell me why my son is dead??”

Holy man replied, “I will tell you but first.. Go and find a house in whole village where no one has ever died..”

Old man went from home to home and asked if anyone had died in that house. He went to all houses in village and then returned to holy man.

Upon returning to holy man, old man said, “I went to each and every house but there is not even single house in village where no one had ever died..”

Holy man replied, “Do you still want to know why your son died??”

Old man replied, “No, I understand now.. Thank you for helping me..”

Death is a part of the Life cycle and Denying it means denying life as it is.. Awareness of Death enables us to Perceive Life in its totality.




Short Stories about Life Struggles - King Begging to God Moral StoryStory 2: King Praying to God..??

Once lived a hermit in forest. He was quiet famous and people used to visit him. One day hermit wanted to do something for people but didn’t had any money so he decided to go to king for help.

Hermit was welcomed to the palace. When hermit came, king was busy doing his prayers. Hermit sat in the prayer hall at the corner where king was doing his prayer.

Hermit heard king praying, “O Lord, give me money.. give me riches..” and so on..

After hearing hermit got up to leave but as hermit was leaving, king signed him to wait.

After prayer was over King said to hermit, “You came to see me.. yet you are leaving without saying anything? Why??”

Hermit replied, “Your majesty, Now i understand that i need not to trouble you about it.. I must leave now..”

King insisted hermit to stay and tell me reason to come. Hermit said, “Your majesty, I came here to ask you for money.. but now i must leave..”

King replied, “Then why are you going without money??”

Hermit replied, “When i saw you praying i found that you were too a beggar.. you were praying to God for riches and money. There upon i thought to my self.. Why should i beg to a beggar himself?? If i have to beg than let me Beg of God..”

We should Trust God because he Provides Us for Everything. if you want to Ask for Something Pray to God.

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  1. The hermit and the king’s story is really touching. Most of the people who ask for money and riches from God are in one way still beggars. One should not ask for money, but ask for God himself.


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