How to Get Rid of Fear of Death?

Short Stories About Fear of Death - Accepting Truth of Death Zen TeachingOnce a young man went to his master and said, “Master.. I fear death!! How can i get rid of this fear??”

Master said, “Tell me.. When you borrow some coins from someone then are you afraid to give them back??”

“Of course not..! I will not be afraid..”, Young man replied.

Young man didn’t understand why did his master ask such question so he inquired, “But master what does it have to do with my fear??”

To explain this master picked up some soil from ground and said, “You are made from dust, you have received your body in debt with required return.

With every bite of bread and every sip of water drank by you.. you increase that debt.

Dust on which you walk is your main creditor, constantly reminding you of this Debt.”

Master threw soil into air and after it fell down back into ground he said, “No matter how high you rise, How long you are in flight.. You still need to fall down.. In end ground will swallow you whole, without any remains..

So to coup up with this fear – stop thinking about yourself as master of your body and accept truth that you are just a tenant.

Because you don’t know the length of your rent, always remember it can end at any second..

We are all debtors and in end our debts will certainly be recovered.. No mater if we are afraid or not..”

Master smiled and continued, “So tell me, is there a point of being afraid or being feared?”

Our Life is small and we Need to understand that No one can Live forever. So if We want to Live Life  than We should try to Accept Death as we Accept Life.

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