Ability to Change – Perspective for Life..!!

Short Stories about Change - Time Changes Wonderful Moral Short StoryStory 1: It’s Just Matter of Time..

A man approached rabbi and said, “Bars are full of people sitting there to enjoy themselves.”

Rabbi replied nothing to him.

Not getting any response man again said, “Bars are full of bursting people spending all night playing cards drinking beers and you said nothing??”

“It’s good thing that bars are full”, replied rabbi.

Man was surprised to listen reply but said nothing.

Rabbi continued, “Everyone.. since the beginning has always wanted to serve God. The problem is that not everyone knows the best way to do so. Just try to think for a minute — what you Judge to be a Sin can also be seen As a Virtue. These people who spend the night in bar awake, they are learning Alertness and Persistence. When they have perfected these qualities then all they will have to do is turn their eyes to God, and think what excellent servants they will make..!!”

Listening to this only thing man said was, “You are indeed an optimist person.”

“It not about being optimist. It is merely matter of understanding, whatever we do however absurd it seem can lead us to the path, path of God, It’s all just question of time..”, replied rabbi.

Change can happen anytime in our Life, We should not lose Hope.





Short Stories about Change - Ability to Change Urself StoryStory 2: Ability to Change Myself..

One day all friends decided to visit their one friend who decided not to follow simple life and just dedicate his life praying and helping others. When they reached, all gather around him and started to talk and ask him questions about his life.

One of them asked, “Would you teach us what you have learned over the years.”

“I am old.”, replied man.

Another friend said, “Old and Wise. All these years we watched you praying. What do you talk to God about? What we should be praying for?”

Man smiled and replied, “In beginning when i was young, i used to kneel before God and ask him to give me strength to change human kind. Gradually i realized that this was beyond me. Then i started to pray to God to give me strength to change world around me.”

“Well, your wish to help people around you was granted as we know that you have helped many.”, said one of his friends.

Man said, “Well, i have helped many but i knew i still haven’t found perfect prayer. Only now at this age I realized what i should have been praying about from the start..!!”

Friends questioned, “What is that?”

“To be given the ability to change myself..”, replied man with smile.

When ever we feel troubled we think that We should try to change people and their attitude but What we need is to Understand that Sometimes Change need to Start with within ourselves.

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