Two Brothers Story – Heart Touching

Short Stories about Brothers - Heart Touching Inspirational Family StoriesOnce in a village lived two brothers who inherited their father’s land. Land was divided between two of them equally and now both of them had separate area for farming.

As time passed, Older brother got married, had children while younger brother never got married and was still single.

One night younger brother thought to himself, “It’s not fair that we have equal land. My brother has six children to feed and i have none. He should have more grain than i do.”

So that night younger brother went to his silo and took a large bag of wheat with him and went over to his brother’s farm silo, leaving wheat in his older brother’s silo. Younger brother returned home feeling pleased with himself.

Same night older brother was also lying awake thinking, “It’s not fair that we both have equal land. In my old age my wife and i will have our grown children to take care of us while my brother will have no one. He should have more grains to sell so that he can provide for himself in old age.”

So even he secretly went to his silo and then climbed to his brother silo and leaving bags of wheat there. Older brother when returned home was feeling happy within.

Next morning, both brother’s were surprised and confused to see that number of wheat bags were unchanged in their own silo. So both thought to themselves that, “Tonight, i will be sure to take more wheat to bother’s farm.”

After night fell, each brother gathered a greater amount of wheat from his barn and in the dark, secretly delivered it to his brother’s barn.

Next morning again both were puzzled to see that amount of wheat still remained unchanged. Now brother’s were thinking, “This is impossible!! Tonight i will make no mistake and make sure that grains get delivered.”

Third night, more determined than ever, each brother gather a large pile of whet from his silo and loaded it on to a cart and slowly hauled it over the hill to brother’s barn.

At the top of the hill, under the shadow of a moon, each brother noticed a figure in the distance and thought, “Who could it be?”.

When the two brothers recognized the form of the other brother and the load he was pulling behind, they realized what had happened. Without saying a word, they both embraced each other.

We should Love and Respect our Family. Happiness of Giving is much Greater than taking.

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