Be Helpful and Wise – Short Moral Stories

Short Moral Stories - Don't Act Arrogant and Be Helpful to Other StoryStory 1: Sharing Load..!

Once a farmer owned a horse and a donkey. Horse used to carry master and donkey used to carry his loads.

One day, farmer went to market and did a lot of shopping. After shopping was over, farmer loaded all the supplies on donkey. It was too much for donkey to carry.

Therefore, donkey asked horse, “My dear friend, This load is too much for me to carry and will not be able to carry all this load back to home. Please take some of it on your back.”

Horse arrogantly refused saying,”It’s your duty to carry loads. Mine is just to carry master not all this load.”

Donkey managed to carry load for some distance but then he collapsed. Farmer saw collapsed donkey and shifted whole load from donkey to horse.

Now horse thought to himself, “If i had accepted the donkey’s suggestion, I would have to carry just half the load.”

When Someone asks for Help, if it is Possible to Help then we should do it because Arrogance Leads to Downfall.


Short Moral Stories - Think Before You Act StoryStory 2: Clever Fox..!

Once a fox fell into well, when he was searching for food. Well was not too deep but was too deep for fox to get out. Fox tired his best to get out but all in vain.

After sometime, a thirsty goat came near well and looked down. Goat saw fox and said, “Hey, what are you doing in well?”

Fox replied, “Having good time. The water in this well is the finest in the whole country. Jump in and try it ”

“Sure, i would love to.”, replied goat and Without thinking much jumped into well, quenched her thirst and looked around. Just like the fox, she found herself helpless to come out.

Fox said to goat, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs. I can climb on to your back and then to your head and manage to pop out of the well from there. Then I shall help you come out also.”

Without thinking, goat did as said by fox. Fox climbed on back on goat and jumped out of well. Before walking away fox said to goat, “You should have been more cautious and think of way of getting out before jumping in.”

Think before you Act.

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