Shepherd Condition for Priest – Greed Story

Shepherd Condition for Priest - Greed StoryOnce a question arose in court of Raja Bhoj – Which is such a well from which a man cannot get out after falling in?

Many people gave different answer but none could satisfy King’s curiosity.

In end, King told Raj pandit (Royal priest) to give answer for this question within seven days or else he would have to leave this kingdom, empty handed.

Raj pandit tried to find answer but even after six days passed, he couldn’t find one. Last day, disappointed he went towards forest and there he met a shepherd.

Shepherd instantly recognised him and said, “You are Raj Pandit! What are you doing here? Why is there so much sadness on your face?”

Thinking, that talking to a shepherd will be of no use, he didn’t replied.

Shepherd again asked, “Pandit ji, please tell me what’s bothering you. I may have solution to your problem.”

Seeing no harm in sharing his problem, Raj pandit told him about question and King’s condition if not able to give answer by next day.

Listening to this, Shepherd said, “It’s ok. You don’t have to worry. I have a magical stone and using it you can make any amount of gold.”

Raj pandit looked at him in surprise.

Shepherd said, “With this stone you will not have to worry about money anymore and many will follow you. I can give you this but there is a condition.”

Pandit ji asked, “What?”

Shepherd replied, “You should become my disciple.”

Firstly, Pandit thought, “Why should i become disciple of a shepherd for money.” but then thinking of magical stone, he agreed.

Now, shepherd said, “For becoming my disciple, first you have to drink sheep milk.”

Raj pandit said, “But if a Brahmin drink sheep milk, his intelligence will be killed. I will not drink that milk.”

Shepherd at csaid, “Ok then go, I will not give you the magical stone.”

Then thinking for a minute, Pandit said, “Ok, i will drink that milk.”

Shepherd said, “Ok. But now, first i will drink that milk and then you have to drink that leftover milk.”

Raj pandit replied in anger, “Now, you are crossing your limit. Why should a Brahmin drink leftover milk?”

Shepherd again said, “Ok then leave.”

Thinking of magical stone, Raj pandit agreed to do this also.

Now shepherd said, “This won’t be enough now. I have a dead man’s skull lying in front of my house. Now, i will pour this milk in that skull, then drink it and after that you have to drink that same left over milk from that skull. Only then i will give you that magical stone, otherwise you can go your way.”

Hearing this, Raj pandit thought a lot and said, “It is very difficult for me. But still i am ready.”

Just then shepherd replied, “This is answer to your question. Greed. Well of Greed is one, into which when a man falls, he never comes out. As, you kept falling in this well of greed to get that magical stone.”

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