Sewing Needle – Saint Gift to Rich Man Story

Sewing Needle - Saint Gift to Rich Man StoryOnce a Saint visited a village. Richest man of that village came to pay obeisance at his feet. Rich man was very proud of his wealth.

When rich man meet Saint, he said, “I would like to do some service for you. I have loads of money. I will fulfill whatever you ask.”

Saint took out a small sewing needle hidden in his clothes and gave it to rich man and said, “Keep it carefully with you and return it to me, after your death.”

Rich man didn’t understand what Saint was saying but still due to arrogance, he replied, “I will do, whatever you said.”

Man took that needle with him and left for his home. While returning home, he thought, “When i die, how will i take the needle with me?”

Next day, rich man returned to Saint and said, “Maharaj, I thought, i was given a small task but now i realized that you have given me a big task.

Please take this needle back. If i die, i cannot take this with me, then how will i be able to give this needle back to you?”

Saint smiled and said, “If you cannot carry a small needle with you then what else you have that you can carry with you after death? Can you take your wealth worth crores with you?

You are poor. Because Rich is only person who can take something beyond death.

Whatever can be measured cannot be taken beyond death. Only which is immeasurable, which cannot be measured, transcends death.”

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