Seth and Ghost Story – Deep meaning (Must Read)

Seth and Ghost Story - Deep meaning (Must Read)A tantrik once caught a ghost and went to city to sell it. There he met a Seth (rich man).

Seth asked him, “Brother what are you selling?”

Tantrik replied, “It is a ghost. He has immense power and no matter how difficult the task is, he can complete it in an instant. It can do many years of work in minutes.”

Seth was tempted to hear praises of ghost and asked, “What is price of this ghost?”

Tantrik replied, “Only five hundred rupees.”

Hearing this, Seth was surprised, “What!! Just five hundred rupees.. He does all the work still his value is so less.. Why?”

Tantrik replied, “Seth ji, it has innumerable qualities but there is one big flaw. If he doesn’t get any work to do, then he runs to eat the owner.”

Seth thought that i have hundreds of businesses and work. This ghost will get tired but work will not end.

Thinking this, he bought the ghost.

As soon as Seth bought ghost, ghost started saying, “Work, work, work…!!!”

Seth was also ready. He immediately told him many tasks at once but to Seth surprise, ghost was must faster than his thinking. Ghost would complete all the work as soon as Seth say the words.

Seth was happy but after few days, he started to get nervous as all most of his work already done by ghost.

By chance, at that time, a saint came there. Seth went to saint and told him whole story of ghost.

Saint laughed and said, “Don’t worry at all. Do one thing, ask that ghost to bring a long bamboo and bury it in your courtyard.

Just tell him work you want to get done and if there is no work then ask him to climb and come down that bamboo again and again. This way your work will be done and he will not come after you when you have no work.”

Seth did same and was relieved and lived happily.

Lesson to Learn:

Our mind is that Ghost. It is always doing something or other and if you want to sit free even for a moment, then it runs to eat you.

The breath is bamboo. Practice of Remembering God name and focus on breath going up and down.

You do the same. When there is a need, take work from the mind, when there is no work, start remembering God in every breath, then you will also start swinging in the swing of all kinds of happiness and peace.

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